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Active Ingredients (Per L):

  • Gamma-Oryzanol  -  80,000mg


VECTA ANA-BULK is a naturally occurring source of Gamma Oryzanol, a plant sterol emulsified in an oil base which increases the bio availability by up to 450% supporting muscle building and conditioning.

VECTA ANA-BULK contains the purest and most potent Gamma Oryzanol in the world with over 80,000mg per 1L with each 15ml dose containing over 1,200mg Gamma Oryzanol.


What Is Gamma Oryzanol?

Gamma Oryzanol is a rice bran oil derivative with two major active molecules, Sterol and Ferulic acid and is recognise globally for its anabolic-like effects.



Trials in the US, Australia and Japan have shown Gamma Oryzanol has strong benefits on weight gain and performance, comparable to some anabolic steroids. Gamma Oryzanol stimulates the endocrine system in horses, resulting in increased metabolism of fat and increases synthesis of protein. This leads to a direct increase in lean body mass.

Further research in horses has confirmed that Gamma Oryzanol improves muscle to fat ratio and increases muscle definition in the rump, neck and over the withers. Clear improvements were also noted for maintained appetite and lower cholesterol levels due to Gamma Oryzanol being a natural and abundant source of synergistic Antioxidants Vitamin E including Tocopherols and Tocotrienols (the most active form of antioxidant).


VECTA ANA-BULK is legal for use in all racing and performance horses and does no swab.


Available Sizes (Excl-GST)

1L - 67 Doses

1 Litre of VECTA ANA-BULK contains the following Active Constituents:


  • Gamma-Oryzanol  -  80,000mg


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