Hi, I’m Noel Lockhart and this is my horse Lockleigh Park Silver Comet. This year in June we competed at the Tom Quilty Gold Cup endurance ride and got 2nd overall [by 74 seconds] and Best Conditioned Horse, I am so proud of this because Comet nearly didn’t get there. This is our story: 

I broke Comet in to saddle in early 2012 and took him to his first 80 km ride at the end of August 2012. Comet vetted out lame but his heart was fantastic. I knew I had a champion under me but had no idea why he was lame. He continued to be lame on and off over the next 2 years. I managed to get him qualified but was never truly happy with his gait. He couldn’t stride out at a trot and he was built up more on one diagonal [near-side shoulder and off-side hind ].It wasn’t until I started riding Comet in a different saddle [he’d had a few months off too] that I realised the previous saddle had been causing most of his problems. The difference in his diagonal side was actually atrophied of his muscles. The previous saddle was longer and was jamming into his protruding shoulders. 

I started training hard again and we had our first win at the end of 2014. We continued to win in 2015 but I wasn’t happy at the end of each ride that all was 100%. After winning a ride at the beginning of April I then realised that the memory foam pads on the new saddle had gone very hard. Comet was being jammed in the shoulders again and he was lame. Being entered in the Tom Quilty in June there wasn’t much time to get his damaged muscles working again. I decided to put him onto SGF1000 to hurry the healing process along and then TB1000 to help the muscles strengthen. I have used the SGF1000 many times previously for injured horses with fantastic results and very fast healing times. Silver Comet no longer has any muscle atrophy and he can certainly stride out at a trot now.  I highly recommend these products, particularly for rehabilitating injuries in horses. Our result says it all. 

Noel Lockhart,
Lockleigh Park.
TAS, Australia


I have had the greatest pleasure working with VECTA Animal Health on improving the scientific nutritional support and performance of the Team Blackhurst Endurance Horses. We have trialled 8 horses of different breed, age, stage, sex on the program since early 2015 and I couldn’t be more delighted with the improvement in their general well being, increased recovery rate and optimal blood counts and heart rates. Our extensive training logs prove the efficacy of these products. Endurance racing at the top level is an elite equine sport & after a successful 12th placing at the Tom Quilty Gold Cup 2015, & with the results from our other endurance horses, VECTA Animal Health products are top of our supplement list. Thank you VECTA Animal Health for all your expertise & support.

Sioux Reid,
Endurance Horse Owner,
Team Blackhurst Head Strapper.
VIC, Australia


The science of SGF-1000 really does stack up to what I witnessed in the improved performance of my prized mare. I saw an increase of her stamina, brightness of mood and overall general health. When I got her blood tests analysed after using SGF-1000 for two months, it was as if any blood irregularities had been corrected when comparing to the previous blood tests. My Vet was astounded at the improvement. I now use the products on all the horses in my stable due to do the results i have experienced.

B. Booth
Thoroughbred Trainer


After using a course of TB-1000 on my 5yr old gelding it was very clear to me that this is a serious product as I’ve never seen my horses recovery levels as good as what they are now. Three wide punching the breeze for the last 6 furlongs and to only get beaten by half a head in a class record. The next day it was as if he hadn't gone around at all.

Thoroughbred Trainer


I’ve used other muscle building Gamma Oryzanol-based products for several years but nothing has compared to Ana-Bulk. I definitely put the enormous effect down to the high potency of over 1200mg per 15ml dose. With just a 6 week program I noticed clear lean muscle growth. Thank you VECTA Animal Health.

M. Knack
Standardbred Trainer
QLD Australia


I was recommended Ana-Bulk for my yealing in preparation for the sale. Following 8 weeks of use I noticed her rump fill out impressively and an increase in visible muscle. I was very pleased with her sale price and I am certain that the added lean muscle assisted in her purchase.

J. Yellen
NSW, Australia


After trying to manage the issue of lactic acid and fatigue in my stable, my Vet recommended I try Amino-Buff as it is scientifically proven to increase stamina by building up the muscle Carnosine levels. My Vet also said the other scientifically proven ingredients help in other areas of increasing energy and stamina as well, something the results i saw supported.

K. McGregor
Thoroughbred Trainer


When I had doubts over my horse running 160km in an elite endurance field I looked to VECTA Animal Health for support. Adding Amino-Buff daily to the horse’s diet is the only change I made and it has definitely resolved my concerns as I finished in the top 5. 

M. Mohammed
Dubai, UAE


In being a Thoroughbred Trainer for over 25 years and using many different BCAA pastes along the journey, RecoverMax is definitely the most effective BCAA I have used. The extra potency and having no fillers made a big difference in the recovery of horses in my stable. I gave a 60g syringe within 1 hour after completing a 1600m race and I can’t believe the difference it makes compared to the other recovery supplements. Fast, effective and very well priced.

N. Vicker
Thoroughbred Trainer


I changed my whole stable over to using RecoverMax following hard work and racing after trying this great product. It was easy to administer as mixing in a tub prior to use was not required and my horses loved the citrus flavour of the paste. I strongly reccomend you use RecoverMax and see the the fast recovery for yourself!

P. Matthews
Standardbred Trainer


As an equestrian enthusiast for years I have seen many products come and go. I have personally seen the concentrates in many nutritional and vitmain supplements be continually diluted. Finally I came across VECTA Animal Health and purchased their MultiVitamin, Iron Folic Acid and Calcivite D products. All the products proved to be very effective and the higher concentration has made my supplementation more cost-effective as the dosages I give has more than halved from what I used to give using other Equine supplements. Finally, a company who puts the effectiveness of their products before the dollars to make.

A. Enginzer
Eventing Rider
NSW, Australia